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Sienna Ray iTunes App

We launched the Sienna Ray App into iTunes in 2012. Acting originally as a beta user for a new template service out of Israel; due to the quality of creative work within our app we became their marketing example during series A + B funding pitches.

Our visual success was the outcome of surpassing the challenge of staying true to our brand key while working within a template structure. Without requiring additional coding/customization we adapted the catalogue to align with our clean and simple aesthetic. 

Website Design + Development Portfolio is built via Squarespace template with full design direction, asset creations and additional custom coding completed by myself. Sienna Ray E-Commerce was built from scratch in 2011 under my art direction with web developing firm building out a sophisticated backend within Magento CMS platform. With an on brand, clean front end and a self sufficient back end programmed to  seamlessly communication directly between customer/shipping/wharehouse without need for additional human web management during transactions. All product, design assets and basic coding updates are managed by myself and/or the Sienna Ray marketing team. Flash website was the original handbag website created in 2009 in collaboration with an independant developer. The site is highlighted by a custom revolving/carousel image viewer along with traditional assets of a fashion brand's website. All seasonal updates are completed by myself and/or the Sienna Ray marketing team with CSS/HTML directly within the hosted server.