Product Design

Roxanne Rizzo

The entire esthetic around Roxanne Rizzo New York is having fun. In 2014 Roxanne Rizzo New York made its debut at the International Makeup Artists Trade Show in New York.

Wanting to showcase her slogan that quickly caught like fire, "all I want to do is makeup and dance," we worked a set of T-Shirts to brand the sales floor staff and sell to her youthful, party-girl customer.

Rizzo splits her time between her celeb make-up gigs (Lucy Lui being her regular) and building a cosmetics empire geared towards the NYC party girl who loves a lot of color.

We built this first collection of cosmetic bags around her seasonal artwork. Encompassing bright gold hardware and "Hermès" strong orange at the core to exude a luxurious New York style.

Dead Heart

A duo of ambitious young boys making a "dead heart" character famous one celebrity at a time came knocking on my door one day looking to make a python baseball cap. 

We sourced locally for all materials and labour for this eclectic mix of street snap-back meets big city exotic luxury.

Sienna Ray

It was a rainy sunday evening in Vancouver. I arrived back from two years unleashing my stylish side which had lain dormant during my adolescent tom-boy years. 

A trip to the local leather supplier, fabric store and a few hours later on my kitchen counter with a tattering Sears home sewing machine I created my first handbag.

Genuine pride was glowing the next day when I arrived to the local magazine. The fashion director spotted my glowing smile and overheard the story of the night before - she was the first of many to support with open arms the birth of Sienna Ray.